Disability is a generic term that includes a deficiency, a limitation of activity or a restriction of involvement. Disability is the disadvantages that results from differences between what the society expects from a person and what that person is able to perform considering his or her deficiency.Worldwide disability prevalence increases as war, conflict and poverty increase, however the need of children with disabilities in developing countries is not well recognized.

The findings indicate that in Rwanda there is a negative attitude among parents and the community toward children with disabilities, many parents reported that having a child with disabilities is a burden and shame in the families.

Children living with disabilities continue to be the most excluded among all groups of children in Africa, school enrollment among children with disabilities is much lower than among other children, schools are not designed to cater for them and sometimes, their educators are not trained. At I am able foundation we work with children who as a result of the stigma towards disability in their communities and home,face incredibly challenging situation at a young age.


IAF envisage a society where no child and young people is left behind because of disability. We also envisage a society where people have hope and the same opportunities regardless physical disabilities.

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I am able foundation strives to decrease the number of problems facing children and young people who live with disabilities in developing countries by improving existing health systems and empowering communities and vulnerable groups within these communities, such children with disabilities, families which have children with disabilities to develop their capacity to claim their rights in the society. Besides I am able foundation works to improve the quality of life of children with a disability and their family.